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Work in progress

Yes, we are still alive :-)

It might be quiet, but we are recordings new songs. Listen to some snippets here:

+++ Sebastian and Andreas +++


Out now: MORBID POETRY - “Resurrection” EP

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We are closing ourselves in – seeking shelter from this pandemic threat. This is a dark time we live in, making melancholy our loyal companion. Morbid Poetry – we chose our name deliberately, as melancholy has always been the realm of our music.

Resurrection – the title of our new EP – shall be our tribute to melancholy.

Some of the songs you will listen to have hibernated for long, now returning to a life among you. Other songs reflect the sorrow and darkness around us all. We need to close in now – so that we may live for tomorrow when the darkness will be gone.

Our music may give you the soundtrack for the bitterness, the melancholy and coldness around you.

The EP “Resurrection” will be free to download on

Albeit uncommercial, we expect you to donate whatever you feel reasonable to any non-governmental organization you decide to support. We have dedicated much of our time and our love for music to this EP, help us make it a meaningful thing.

Stand your ground – and stay healthy, wherever you are.

+++ Sebastian and Andreas +++


Coming soon ...


Download Morbid Poetry's albums for free

Morbid Poetry has never been and never will be a commercial band – we believe that money is not what spurs our effort to create new music.

Yet we dare asking you for something in return for downloading our music.

For the songs given to you, please donate to one of the following NGOs (or any other you feel is worth supporting for the good cause):

  • Médecins Sans Frontières
  • amnesty international
  • Greenpeace
  • Human Rights Watch
  • Terre des hommes
  • WWF

Any sum will help. We offer you the music we make – may you offer a chance, a life worth living (to human or animal both), or simply a piece of this planet being kept for all of us. We open the gates to our older works also, our lasting treasures that still seem to reach quite some hearts out there. All the known Morbid Poetry songs will be available for download as well.

This is what you get – and the price we ask you to pay instead of buying the music you enjoy. Music has been the joy of our hearts, may this flame carry on in yours.


Morbid Poetry's "lockdown-challenge"
Download "MORBID_POETRY-Babel_Falls. zip" (link deleted). This folder includes a General Midi file from our song "Babel Falls" including lyrics.

Import that Midi file in your DAW program (Cubase, Ableton, Logic etc.) and create your own version of Babel Falls. Change the drum section, alter the tempo, mix up the structure, add your own recordings ... be creative and try out whatever you like.
Send us your version of the song as MP3-file to Deadline is 19.04.2020. We are going to present the best version(s) on our websites.
Remember: it's all about having fun in these days of isolation.
Andreas and Sebastian


These are dark days we live in, showing how frail this life is. But this darkness gives birth to light, we learn to understand the things in life that really matter: empathy, compassion and an altruistic readiness to help others who are a high-risk group in this corona crisis.
In this time of isolation to protect others from being infected by Sars-Cov2, where any embrace, any physical proximity should be avoided for the sake of those we love and those we should respect, AndMai and Morbid Poetry have decided to give you a few moments of distraction.
When it’s cold, we have learned to warm each other. When we are lonely, we have learned to look for company. And when we need to soothe our pain, we can rejoice in music.
We won’t cure the sick or relieve those who take care of the suffering, hour by hour, day by day. But we can give you some music, a soundtrack through this social winter. Here are two songs for you:

MORBID POETRY – Subzero (full length demo)
ANDMAI – In Aeternum (guitar version)

With sincere gratitude for all those out there working in the front line for the rest of us.

Maike + Sebastian + Andreas


We finally recorded "The Coming", a song Sebastian and I have written about 20 years ago. There's also another version called "ressurection version" available on Youtube recorded with Michael on vocals some years ago.

+++ Andreas +++


The journey started some 30 years ago and we followed the path until different roads were taken. Yet Morbid Poetry never ceased and now the call has reached us once again. "Where are the young men?" is what Jörg Kleudgen asks in the title of a new compilation. Sea of lost souls is our contribution to answer the question. A yearning no-one can escape, the beginning of the journey that we started as young men. We have grown older, but the yearning never left. Watch out for more as the pilgrims take a new road ahead.


For a while things have been quiet around Morbid Poetry – for reasons. Michael and Andreas have decided to part in their common work as both had a different focus on their idea of the band, so further common projects may lie outside Morbid Poetry. However their friendship is not affected by the professional separation.

But every end has a start. We are proud to announce that Sebastian has joined Andreas as one of the original members of Morbid Poetry. They share a deep friendship which has lasted for almost 40 years now, eventually leading to the creation of Morbid Poetry. 2019 represents the band’s 30th anniversary.

Going back to our roots, we are currently working on new songs. Some turn out to be the ultimate completion of ideas waiting for years already, others are becoming from what we feel is our understanding of Morbid Poetry today. We are sure you will enjoy both.
More information yet to come – keep your minds open.


Happy new year. It's thirty years of Morbid Poetry.